WhatsApp: the whole truth about the trill

In recent days there has been talk about the possibility of using a trill on WhatsApp to draw the attention of users. Let’s see what’s true.

In recent days there has been much talk about the possible arrival of the “trill” function on WhatsApp. We wrote about it too, trying to imagine how it could be used and how it would be integrated into the application. From the latest information that appeared on the Net, however, the “trill” will never see the light of day. The developers of WhatsApp, in fact, for the moment do not consider this feature important for WhatsApp and want to focus on other features, such as the night mode.

It’s not the first time on the Net we’ve talked about the possibility of introducing on WhatsApp a sound that draws people’s attention. If we’ve sent a message to a friend and he still doesn’t answer after a couple of hours, we can send him a trill to make him play and vibrate his smartphone. This tool should only work if our friend is also connected online. Unfortunately, this feature will never see the light of day, at least in the next months/years. Let’s try to explain why and shed some light on the matter.

Trillo WhatsApp, postponed to a date to be determined

The “trill” is a fake news: to say it are the guys from WABetaInfo, Twitter account dedicated to WhatsApp and always very well informed about the news of the application. On the microblogging site WABetaInfo has published a post in which it states convincingly that the trill will not be added on WhatsApp and that the function is not even in development. It’s buffalo news that has no basis for truth. And above all no “alpha” user is testing it in preview.

The reason WhatsApp decided not to insert the trill is quite simple. The idea of calling a user’s attention with a trill could be very annoying and force people to silence the application. Which the WahtsApp staff doesn’t want.

If you were already anticipating the idea of going back to using the “trill”, unfortunately you’ll have to wait a long time.

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