Goodbye to likes: how could Instagram change

Mark Zuckerberg has announced many changes coming to Instagram: from the elimination of Like to the restyling of the camera. See what’s new.

Like every year, Mark Zuckerberg has announced what’s coming to the group’s apps during the developer event F8. From the restyling of Facebook and Instagram, to a faster and more feature-rich Messenger, to a more commercial breakthrough for WhatsApp. In short, soon our favorite apps could be upset. We need to know how and prepare ourselves properly.

Among the many new features of Instagram, there is the elimination of Like, which for a long time have decreed the success – or not – of posts published on social networks. Like has always been represented by a hand that makes the Ok gesture, and the first platform to have it cleared through customs is Facebook. Over time it has spread to all other sites and apps, including Instagram. In social, to communicate to a contact to appreciate its content just double tap on the image. A little heart comes out, which is added to those already inserted by other people. Getting so many hearts means having so much following and being appreciated. That’s why Likees take on a fundamental role. Maybe, in the not too distant future, we should say goodbye to the Like on Instagram.

Does Instagram say goodbye to Likes? Here’s the truth

One of the most interesting news announced by Mark Zuckerberg during the F8 is the famous photo social. Instagram is implementing tests in Canada where it hides the number of Like for each image, just as it already happens for published videos (you can only know the views). Only those who have published the content will know the number of Like obtained. According to the CEO, omitting this information will allow users to focus more on the posts, without being affected by the engagement obtained. In fact, currently, people tend to double tap on posts that are already successful, while those who have not obtained are passed mercilessly.

It is an experiment to understand how much the number of hearts can determine the success of a post, or even a personal or business account.

New function for shopping and more

One of the most important changes concerns shopping lovers and in particular for those who often draw inspiration from photos posted on Instagram to buy an outfit, a new piece of furniture for the home and so on. The ability to tag products that can be purchased on Instagram images until now was only allowed for business profiles. For example, a clothing store can now post an outfit and tag each garment, thus inserting a link that allows you to buy online the products shown. Now this opportunity is also offered to personal accounts, and more specifically to those with many followers.

In a nutshell, you can buy the products posted in the photo of an influencer. For the moment there is a list of famous personalities authorized to use this function. Among these profiles are those of Chiara Ferragni, Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner and Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian and many others. These people will be able to add a lot of information about the clothes and accessories posted, so that followers can know the price or possibly buy them. And those who thought that at least the design of the camera wasn’t being touched will have to think again. Mark has suggested that this detail will change as well. The goal, for this and all the changes announced, is to improve the user experience and allow the app to evolve according to the latest trends and habits of users.

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